Contacting Your Home Insurance Company for Restoration Payment in Water Damage in Orange County

1As an expert in water damage and mold in OC for a long time, it is easy to let us solve your problems because we are already outfitted with the equipment and experience to resolve any water damage and mold problem efficiently. In fact, the majority of homeowners in the area already know we exist and know about our services. The most common question we get from people who need our services is ‘how much will it cost?’ This is a normal and important question to ask. Answering this question requires answering two other questions that we’ll discuss in this article.

First, how bad is the damage? Our team of experts can assess the damage so that you’ll have a better idea of how much a restoration project is going to cost. However, as the folks at Peter Smith roofing can confirm, water damage is usually a symptom of a bigger problem, like a hole in your roof or a crack in your foundation. Thus, fixing the water damaged areas of your house like the carpet or ceiling is usually only part of project. You’ll also have to find out the source of the problem and get an estimate for fixing that, as well.

Second, how good is your insurance? Once you’ve determine the cost of your project, now you have to figure out whether your insurance will cover the repairs. Luckily, at water damage and mold in OC, we’re used to dealing with insurance companies and can help you find all the information you need to solve the problem.

If you’ve got a water damage and mold problem on your hands, make sure that you get the right help. Those of us at water damage and mold in OC are ready to help you out, even if you just need consultation.